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Key points of Assignment writing

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Assignment is a research based document which the students write on any assigned topic. Students are assigned to write an assignment on any given topic. Teachers are well-known for assigning the unknown topics to their students. The students have to develop their own sense of writing and research on this assigned topic. However, some students may not be able to complete the assignment in time and may get help from cheap assignment writing services.

Throughout your stay at university, you will be asked many times to prepare and write different type of assignments. In the academic career, the communication skills have most importance. Writing is one of the best communicating skills. Writing delivers your ideas and message to the reader in an impressive way. It is not easy thing that everyone can do. But writing skills can be improved by practice.

When you want to write an academic assignment writing, it is difficult to find any guide on how to write an academic assignment writing. That’s why we are writing this guide for those students who want to know how to write an academic assignment. Here we are discussing the key points of how to write and what to write in academic assignment. Cheap assignment writing services uk

  Critical thinking

Critical thinking is most important one in the academic writing. It takes part in the final marks. So it is worthy to think critically in writing an academic assignment.

Continuity of ideas

In the middle of your assignment, the things can get mixed and usually your all ideas get confused in your mind. So that you have to make sure the continuity of your ideas between the paragraphs of your assignment. You have to maintain the flow of writing your ideas for the ease of your reader. For this purpose, you can divide your ideas in different paragraphs or points.

Usage of ‘you’ and ‘I’

According to the rules of the academic writings, you have to write your assignment in impersonal language. It means that you have to avoid the usage of words “I” and “you”.

Usage of examples

Example itself is known as a short story. So try to support your theory with different examples. Examples makes your ideas more clear and understandable.

Numbering and bullets

The academic writing style prefers to use paragraphs instead of using numbering and bullets. So that you have to try to write your all ideas into different paragraphs.

Including figures and tables

An effective way of conveying information to the reader without disturbing word count is known as figures and tables. Each figure and table should have clear heading and should be mentioned with source and reference in bibliography.

Word count

Your assignment should be written to the required word account. You have not to exceed that word account. For this purpose, your outline can help you in writing your assignment according to the word account.


The extremely important part of an assignment is referencing. It takes a major part in your final marks. So try to provide references as much as you can of your material. This section may also called as bibliography.


Using the other people’s work without acknowledgment is known as plagiarism. This is considered as serious offense in academic writings. It is also a form of intellectual dishonesty. Try to avoid plagiarism in writing your academic assignment. You may also be interested in knowing the assignment writing problems and how to solve them through the best assignment writing help online.



Dissertation proposal writing: an overview

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The present article is based on the topic “dissertation proposal writing; an overview” delivered by dissertation writing services UK. Dissertation proposal writing is an essential part of the dissertation. It is mandatory for most of the dissertations to submit proposal before start writing the final project. MBA dissertation proposal writing services uk provide essential guidelines for the students to complete their dissertation proposal assignments.

Dissertation proposal writing services UK suggests that you have to be prepared earlier for this task. You have to collect some background knowledge about the idea on which you want to conduct research. This central idea which you have in your mind for the research work, should be clearly expressed in your dissertation proposal with aims and objectives of your research work. Students are suggested to hire dissertation proposal writing service to get further information about how to write a dissertation proposal?

This article is going to describe about to write an overview of proposal writing for the final dissertation. Some of the instructions offered by dissertation proposal writing services UK are as follow:

Purpose of writing a dissertation proposal: You have to make sure that you have one & only purpose to write the proposal and that is approval. Then start writing your proposal by keeping this purpose of writing into your mind. It can pave the way to the final dissertation writing process.

Comprehensive dissertation proposal statement: Dissertation proposal is comprehensive statement on some extent. It is based on the nature of the studies and interests of the students. Students have to submit a written copy of dissertation proposal to the committee before one week of the proposal hearing.

Components of the dissertation proposal: There are some major components of the dissertation proposal that are as follows:

  • Problem statement: It consists of a detailed statement of problem and its study. You have to write its proper justification and importance. You have to discuss its importance on both, theoretical and educational studies.
  • Literature review: It will show the reader that you have studied relevant literature in the field of your research project. You have to write thoroughly about all the literature you studied for the research. List all the books and journals which you have read before conducting research on the selected topic.
  • Overall explanation: Here you have to write a statement on overall design of your proposed study. It includes general explanatory interest, theoretical framework, model of hypothesis, discussion and conceptual properties, an overview of strategies, and discussion of evidences.
  • Bibliography: At the end of your dissertation proposal, you have to write all the references of your context and study. This will make your work original. If you will not provide any reference of your work, it should be considered as plagiarized. Dissertation proposal writing services suggest that you have to list all the references of your research work.
  • Revision: Keep in mind that you have to revise all the sections of your proposal at the end. It will make your paper perfect and flawless. You can also ask to dissertation proposal writing services UK to get help in writing dissertation proposal assignments of top quality at very cheap and affordable rates. The students are also provided information about what is an assignment writing?