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How to write a great essay?

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The shortest type of academic writings is essay writing. It is the first step of academic writing after that there comes assignment and dissertation. It requires limited word-count. The length is also much less than assignment and dissertation. But the point to be noted is that essay writing needs much more concentration and devotion than other two types of academic writings. This is because the essay is of short length and a concise written work. In the essay, you have only short paragraphs and less time to express your best ideas about any given topic. Dissertation Master is the best solution for all your academic essay writing needs as it provides top rated essay writing services at the cheapest prices.

Due to short length and word-count the, essay should be written in an objective way. There is no time and space for deep explanation of any idea. You have to reveal all the main points within the narrow range of essay body. By keeping in mind all these requirements of essay writing, it is important to learn what to be written in a great essay and how to write a great essay. Students don’t pay attention to the essay writing in their early academic career. They take it as a very light task. But it is totally wrong. Essay is a type of academic writing which needs your deep concern. Get cheap and reliable essay writing help if you are stuck with writing an essay.

The students who were not good in writing homework in the school level suffer more than the other students. These students hesitate to write anything by their own. Such type of students needs to learn some basic writing skills. They present article is a guide to provide help to the students in learning how to write and what to be written in a great essay. Read this guide with will full concentration and learn how to write a great essay.

Decide on which topic you want to write:

Selection of the topic is a very crucial step. Topic decides the fortune of your essay. So you have to decide the topic of the essay very wisely. Topic should be of common interest. It should be very informative and have broad vision. Choose that topic which is best known to you and you have enough knowledge about it to write in the essay.

Conduct preliminary research on the selected topic:

Research work is necessary for the collection of information and data. You can visit libraries to read books, visit your department to read past students’ written essays, and search on internet to get information from online journals.

Brainstorm your own ideas on the topic:

Brainstorming the ideas on the topic gives you much more useful points about it. Your own ideas make the essay original and authentic.

Pick up best ideas and make an outline:

After assembling the information, now pick some best fitting ideas from it. Make an outline of the essay by highlighting these main points or ideas. Outline saves you from any inconvenience in writing the essay body. This outline also saves a plenty of your time.

Introduce your central statement:

Start writing your essay with the central statement or main argument. This section is the brief description of the whole essay for the reader.

Essay body:

In the body paragraphs, you have to reveal all the collected information to justify your central argument. Explain each and every point of your information in detail here.


This is the last and final section of the essay where you have to conclude your whole debate. Write the conclusion of all the discussion in this section to finalize your research work.

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