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5 foreign languages look great on your CV

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Some modern foreign languages which are at top in internationals language table have become continuous part of professional life. MFL (modern foreign languages) are still taught in schools for various purposes. But these are not compulsory part of school level syllabus. It means mostly the children don’t learn these languages compulsory in their school level and hence they have to learn these languages later if needed.

Here are written five best and top-rated foreign languages which are necessary to learn especially for trading in five best growing nations. This article is the free contribution by the best dissertation writing services in uk:

  • Portuguese

It is one of the romance languages. Its number in world’s most spoken languages is seventh. Portuguese native speakers are found mostly in Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Macau, Cape Verde,  Sao Tome, and obviously in Portugal. About 262 million people speak Portuguese as their mother tongue. Ahead of UK now Brazil has become world’s sixth largest economy. After hosting the world Olympics 2016 all the nations are now building good relations with Brazil for trade. Natives of Brazil speak English very poorly or not at all. Therefore, if you want to do trading with them then you have to learn Portuguese.

Portuguese is closely related to Spanish, French, and Italian. Less than six months are required to learn it in the classroom.

  • Spanish

Spanish is second most spoken language in USA after English. It has 406 million native speakers worldwide. It is spoken is Spain and most of Latin American countries including USA.

Spanish is the romantic language and very easy and simple to learn. When you start learning Spanish you will realize that many things are those which you already know.

  • German

The Europe’s largest economy is Germany. If you are capable of speaking German it is valuable to communicate with UK businessmen. It has more than 110 million native speakers. UK companies realized that German was useful to their business operations and they realized this through British Council survey.

You can learn German language in more than six months. Some adjectives are self-explanatory and hence easy to learn. By investing certain time frames you will become a good German speaker and can communicate well in German.

  • French

French is the most popular modern language which was the compulsory part of syllabus of school level in many countries. But now it has become optional. Many organizations in UK are French based. They need some French speaking employees. So you can become a good employee if you will learn French.

French language having 74 million native speakers worldwide is one of the top-rated languages. It is official language of France, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Madagascar, and some African countries.

  • Russian

Throughout the world it has 155 native speakers. It makes the Russian language eighth most common language. Though, some parts of Russia experiencing poverty there are also many areas which have wealthy people. These people look for new investment. Therefore, if you can speak Russian you can add valuable assets to a company.

Russian language has different alphabet system which makes it hard to learn. It needs almost 44 weeks classes. However, it is definitely worth to learn this language.

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